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Mr. Jeevith

The services are good and prompt. The place is clean and the staff is quite supportive..The infrastructure is good enough for the feel good factor which is very necessary for satisfaction.




Bangalore Orthopaedics and Sports Medicine centre operates through a network of likeminded medical professionals who are enthusiastic about setting up a centre providing comprehensive care of trauma and orthopaedic patients ( includes Neuro Surgery, General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and Critical Care services).

Bangalore orthopaedics and sports medicine centre  care mobilizes young people themselves to bring the values of doctor patient relationship and respects for all human beings without any political or ideological cleavage.
The management of the organization and all our activities are open to feed back from patients, staff and consultants.
We select our staff only after thorough background check and record of their previous clinical positions and experience.
For each activity, we try to have a lowest cost as much as possible (competitive rates) to be accessible to everybody.
Provide timely, quality and comprehensive trauma care
Evolve subspecialty care in orthopaedic surgery
Eventually transform the BOSMC into tertiary care centre capable of handling complex trauma and offering specialized orthopaedic services
Mission: To provide comprehensive emergency and quality care on par with western standards at affordable price.
OUR MOTTO : "RISE AGAIN" signifies the fighting spirit of the patients and injured athletes who overcome the infirmities and return back to the preinjury level of physical activity and mental well being