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Mr. Jeevith

The services are good and prompt. The place is clean and the staff is quite supportive..The infrastructure is good enough for the feel good factor which is very necessary for satisfaction.







Bangalore orthopaedics and sports medicine centre aims to serve the humanity in the best possible way. Keeping this vision in mind, the neurospinal rehabilitation centre is being designed to rehabilitate people with disabilities and enable them to achieve their optimal levels of physical psychological and social functions. This concept is first of its kind in the city of Bangalore.

Saamya trust  is a not for profit organization active in the city of Bangalore for the last 5years. The activities are similar to those envisioned by us towards setting up an integrated neurospinal rehabilitation centre catering to all sections of the society. Hence. We have planned to start the NSRC, BANGALORE to help rehabilitate the patients with long term neuro-spinal conditions.

The NSRC, BANGALORE aspires to make a person with disabilities become independent in every sense of the word and helps him/her lead a better quality of life with dignity and self respect. The rehabilitation centre deals with all types of disabilities related to the brain and spinal cord in persons of all age groups. Rehabilitation starts from the moment the patient steps inside the hospital and continues till he is fit enough to go back into the society. We have the unique combination of highly experienced team of medical personnel and state of art technology which makes the association with our hospital a memorable experience for the patient as well as for his care givers.

Our centre boasts of highly qualified specialist consultants (neurologists, neurosurgeons, spine surgeons and orthopedic surgeons) who assess the patient systematically, diagnose the patient and use upto date technology in managing the patients. The centre will have well equipped operation theatre with an extremely skilled and dedicated supporting staff, the rehab department with experienced physiotherapists and latest equipments, occupational therapists, speech therapists, prosthetics and orthotist and a counselor, all under one roof. All these departments work in complete harmony with each other to provide excellent patient care both as inpatient and outpatient. The collaborative effort of the entire team helps to deal with the patient as a whole causing no confusion to the patient or his care givers. We understand that hospitalization is financially, mentally, physically and emotionally a very trying experience for the patient and his family. At NSRC, BANGALORE the treatment is provided a human touch so as to make the stay comfortable for the patient and his care givers.



NSRC, BANGALORE deals with all types of neurological and neurosurgical cases like:

1)      Congenital , neonatal  and pediatric conditions

a)      Cerebral Palsy

b)      Spina bifida

c)       Developmental delay

d)      Hydrocephalus

e)      Erb’s Palsy

f)       Muscular Dystrophies

g)      Poliomyelitis

2)      Conditions affecting the spinal cord

a)      Traumatic spinal cord injury (Paraplegia/Quadriplegia)

b)      Tuberculosis of spine (Potts paraplegia)

c)       Prolapsed intervertebral disc

d)      Cervical and lumbar canal stenosis

e)      Compression myelopathy

f)       Transverse myelitis

g)      Tumors of the spinal cord

3)      Conditions affecting the brain

a)      Cerebro vascular accidents (Stroke/ Hemiplegia)

b)      Traumatic head injury

c)       Brain tumors

d)      Parkinsons

e)      Cerebellar ataxia

f)       Multiple sclerosis

g)      Infective Conditions (meningitis,encephalitis etc)

4)      Conditions affecting the nerves and muscles

a)      Bells palsy/ facial palsy

b)      Brachial plexus injuries

c)       Carpal tunnel syndrome

d)      Gullian barre Syndrome

e)      Myasthenia gravis

f)       Neuro pathies

      5) Many Others

a)      Epilepsy

b)      Dementia

c)       tremors

d)      Alzheimer’s

e)      Trigeminal neuralgia

f)       Other degenerative conditions of brain and spinal cord



Currently we have started the home care services of NSRC, BANGALORE. For In- patient services we are attached to a multispecialty hospital. Currently our office is at


c/o Veritas Diagnostics

102/7, 1 MAIN



OFFICE  :Ph: 81057 29600,

              MOBILE: 99800 55177



DR.PRAMOD M – 99800 55177                  EMAIL :