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The services are good and prompt. The place is clean and the staff is quite supportive..The infrastructure is good enough for the feel good factor which is very necessary for satisfaction.



Academics & Training


Academics & Training


BOSMC is closely associated with academic bodies like Royal College of Surgeons, Resuscitation Council, UK, American Heart Association and American College of Surgeons. Academic activities include BLS, ACLS, and ATLS training courses apart from live surgeries, workshops and CME activities.
.                 1.      Bangalore Orthopaedics & Sports medicine Centre, Jayanagar conducts
                          "BLS COURSE"  on 10th September 2011. 


                           For Registration Please Contact : 81057 29599 / 080-2656 5678






                  2.     Intensive Clinical Training Programme for Nurses


                          Conducted by Anees Education Academy in association with bangalore orthopaedics and sports medicine centre 



                          For details Contact : Email : or visit