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Bangalore Orthopaedics & Sports Medicine Centre is different from other hospitals in Bangalore. The service was very friendly and the place felt surprisingly relaxing.

Sports Medicine 

This is a multi disciplinary field that deals with the Physiological, Biomedical, Psychological and Pathological phenomena that are associated with exercise & sports. True sports medicine environment is one that only deals with injury management but also various aspects of exercise and sports performance. Clinicians practicing sports medicine often have backgrounds in Physical therapy, Athletic training, Massage therapy, Sports nutrition and Exercise physiology.

This team approach allows a facility to offer their clients a broad spectrum of services and a more comprehensive care.

One of the goals of sports medicine is better understanding of how the injuries occurred and what treatment options are available. One of the greatest advances in sports medicine is the after treatment of injuries.

Physical Therapy and Occupational therapy programs and protocols have been developed for various conditions. This allows many injuries to be effectively treated non-surgically and still allow them to heal while the athlete is participating in sports.

The newer post operative regimes allow many athletes to return to sports, weeks or months sooner, then they had done previously prior to the advances in rehabilitation methods.

                           Sports Medicine One is a unit of  Bangalore orthopaedics and sports medicine centre which aims to provide comprehensive medical care for professional athletes and common patients alike under one roof, hence the name Sports Medicine One'. 

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