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Mr. Jeevith

The services are good and prompt .The place is clean and the staff is quite supportive..The infrastructure is good enough for the feel good factor which is very necessary for satisfaction.












1.ACCIDENT & EMERGENCY CARE : 24 Hours Emergency & Trauma Care and Nuerosurgery backed  with full fledged laboratory and Blood bank service.A well established department for accident & emergency  provides the much needed care in emergency. The department is well equipped with most modern life saving  equipment and well trained staff to provide round the clock emergency care service.




2.BARIATRIC SURGERY :Bariatric surgery, or weight loss surgery, includes a variety of procedures performed on people who are obese. Weight loss is achieved by reducing the size of the stomach withan implanted  medical device  or through removal of a portion of the stomach  or by resecting and re-routingthe small intestines to a small stomach pouch.Long-term studies show the procedures cause significant long-term loss of weight, recovery from diabetes, improvement in cardiovascular risk factors, and a reduction in mortality of 23% from 40%.